The 29th Annual Meeting in SSRCTS was a great succes

Thank you very much to all who attended and contributed to this year’s SSRCTS meeting in Geilo. Once again, the meeting kept its high standards with the invited lectures, the free papers and the fruitful thorough scientific discussions in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The first price winners of the three sessions were judged on […]

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SSRCTS launches new website –

SSRCTS - Scandinavian Society for Research in Cardiothoracic Surgery

SSRCTS or Scandinavian Society for Research in Cardiothoracic surgery has recently launched a new website – The organizing committee of the next annual meeting in Geilo, the 29th annual meeting in SSRCTS, is delighted to finally release our new website. We have moved from the old domain to the new Submission of […]

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