Oral presentation (8+5 minutes):

All oral presentations must be given in English.

Any presentation tools can be used (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote etc.). However, it is the responsibility of the presenter that the software can be displayed at the conference. Movies and animations in slideshows should therefore be tested prior to the presentation. Please upload your slideshow in advance to the designated computer in the conference room before the session begins. Introduce yourself to the moderator of your session prior to start.

It is important to stay on time. When you have 2 minutes left of your time, the moderator will notify you for your convenience. All oral presentation will be in competition for the “Best Oral Presentation” Award.


Presentation time for oral presentations:

Both presenters in the oral sessions and the Gudbjartsson Award sessions have 8 minutes for the oral presentation along with 5 minutes discussion.

Presentations will be judged on a number of criteria. Read more about the criteria of assessment on the awards page.

Poster presentation (3+3 minutes)

All posters must be written and presented in English.

Poster dimensions must be within these limits: 120 cm (height) x 90 cm (width).

  • The poster should contain details on the authors along with a picture of the presenting author and institution logo.
  • The poster text should not be a copy of the abstract.
  • Figures, illustrations and tables are welcome.
  • The text should be large enough to read from a distance of 1½ meters.
  • The posters should be on display from the start of the conference until the final presentation of the last day. The presenter is responsible for displaying the poster at the designated spot in the conference room (each poster will be given an ID no which will also be sent to the author by email).
  • The poster session will be moderated by a chairman and the presenter should be in front of their respective posters at the time of the presentation, and will be expected to participate in entire poster session.
  • The presenters each have 3 minutes to present their posters followed by 3 minutes of discussion by the moderator and audience.

It is important to stay on time. When you have 1 minute left of your time, the moderator will notify you for your convenience. All moderated posters will be in competition for a “Best Poster Presentation” Award.

General recommendations for poster:

  • Poster content should be understandable without requiring an oral explanation.
  • Avoid large tables of data and large paragraphs of text.
  • Body text can be divided into bullet-form.
  • Use concise subheadings that organize and logically display the information.
  • Creative interpretations of the task will be acknowledged.